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NTHU/ITRI Joint Research Center
NTHU / ITRI Joint Research Center


NTHU / ITRI Joint Research Center




NTHU / ITRI Joint Research Center was founded in 2002. The main objectives are doing mutual creative

and foresight joint researches, integrating interdisciplinary resource and building technology cooperation

platform. Hopefully, with this cooperation, to have resource complementation, deepen both sides’

research and attain industrialization and realization purpose.

There are two cooperation plans in this center, normal academic research plan and large-scale plan.

Normal academic research plan is mainly for the research relative with photoelectric and semiconductor

cooperated with the Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Institute in ITRI. The large-scale plan is

mainly for the cooperation with both of the Electronics and Optoelectronics Research institute and the 

Information and Communications Research institute in ITRI, focus on picturing the plans with grand


There are two main research directions of the  proceeding large-scale plans: multi-core system and chip

design technologyresearch and design of optoelectronic devices on cutting edge technology.

Enrich research and design energy has been accumulated after years of proceeding. Hopefully,

through the cooperation mechanism, add creative research and design energy to national electronics,

optoelectronics, Information and Communications industry.



With the cooperation, to have resource complementation, deepen both sides’ research and attain

industrialization and realization purpose.



One principalone assistant


B、Research Topic

Research TopicThe research center plans to use the industrial application IP and tech-transition result

as the figure of merit. Executions focus on optoelectronics devicenanoelectronicsdigital image and

flat panel display.


Research resultThe result of this plan is shared mutually. Each year, tens papers are published and

many patent are fired. The personnel exchange between both sides is frequent and shares each

experimental resource to make a win-win situation for the academic and industry.


C、Future DevelopmentNTHU

1.       Focus on continuing the research topics which research result has been shown and

        reinforcing the research topic with potential to expend the function of cooperation platform.

2.       Produce normal academic research plans every year. Narrow the scope of research area.

        Expect this to be an early research of large-scale plan.

3.     Increase the number of patent hold mutually between NTHU and ITRI by the cooperation

        research result. Strengthen the arrangement of technology patent. Clarify the competitive

       advantage and development direction of technology. Develop the key technology of

       large-scale plan to touch the industry to increase the profit of tech-transition and the

      derivative value of production.

4.    Begin diversity interaction mode between people of both sides. By inter-employment for

      professors and hiring students to work at ITRI to continue this program.

5.   The labs and instruments are interoperable for both sides.